International Neuromodulation Registry

Publication Policy

The INR will not attempt to evaluate the scientific merit of proposed analyses, nor evaluate proposed abstracts. The INR will be charged with the administrative review of manuscripts only.

Regardless of what subset of data is used in analyses or publications, as part of the Data Use Agreement, investigators will be asked to agree to a Publication Policy as follows:

  • All manuscripts will acknowledge the methods of INR data gathering.
  • All manuscripts will acknowledge the support of INR using the NIH grant number for the INR, as well as naming the financial sponsors of the INR
  • In addition to the named authors, all manuscripts will be submitted with an acknowledgement of the INR on the author line using a corporate acknowledgement phrase followed by an asterisk. The asterisk will point to a web site listing that will list the names of the INR leadership, key senior contributors to the INR project design and/or organization.
  • Manuscripts will be submitted to the INR for administrative review prior to submission. The purpose of this review will be to make sure that all of the above requirements are met.
  • A copy of the manuscript will be provided to the INR upon publication of the manuscript. If permitted by the journal, a version of the article or link to the article will be available online at the INR website.